NY Times Details How Fans Pay A Lot Of Money To Be Closer To Bon Jovi

    This weekend’s NY Times, which actually had stories with real endings, unlike the LOST finale, had an interesting story about how many big-name acts, like Bon Jovi, U2, and the Rolling Stones, and, uh, Rick Springfield, have been selling their fans “V.I.P. Experience” tickets, with which fans get to sit in a special area, get special stuff (like a Bon Jovi folding chair!) and be really close to the stage, all for exorbitant prices that would make most people blush. For instance, the Bon Jovi V.I.P. package, which, I remind you, doesn’t actually allow anyone to meet Bon Jovi (or even the damn keyboardist), sells for $1750. Which is so much money to pay to see 50-year-old men cover their old songs. Even Bieber’s getting in on the act. New revenue streams, people. Read the story here, and consider shelling out $600 to meet Rick Springfield.