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Nuts: David Lee Roth impostor revealed

Remember this story about David Lee Roth being pulled over and blaming a nut allergy for his erratic driving? It turns out the driver of the car wasn’t Roth at all, but was in fact an impostor named David Kuntz. Kuntz started acting like a nut by giving his name as “David Lee Roth” when he was arrested, and then carried on the charade at a local bar in Brantford, Ontario, later that night.

According to this report, Kuntz breezed into the bar, told everyone he was David Lee Roth, and got up on stage to sing a Van Halen tune with a local band. The fact that Roth was performing at Madison Square Garden that night put a real dent in Kuntz’s story, but clearly the Van Halen frontman’s doppelganger is a troubled man.

In 1988 Kuntz was seeing two women at the same time while singing in a band called Majesty. One of the women brutally murdered the other by stabbing her 70 times, and she was declared insane at the subsequent trial. Credit goes to Kuntz for squeezing his 15 minutes of fame out of this bizarre story, but let’s hope he’s able to stay off the nuts and get his life back together. [Idolator]
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I fncking know this guy!!! That's hilarious. He came into my store a few times. He's totally crackers. He said my necklace looked like anal beads and then told a story about kicking Axel Rose's ass after Axel was beating on some groupie. He also claims to have written "November Rain" and produced U2.

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