NPR Speaks With Indie Artists On Making A Living Without Going Major

    On NPR’s All Things Considered feature yesterday, Laura Sydell jumped into the topic of how some indie artists are able to making a living without signing a major label record deal. And in some cases they aren’t even looking to do that.


    Two examples of that are singer-songwriter Amy Kuney and rapper-producer Oddisee, who are both staying afloat financially while remaining independent. Kuney’s manager and Oddisee offered some insight in how they are using social media sites and online tools, particularly Tunecore, to make sure their music is heard. Tunecore’s founder and CEO, Jeff Price, also discussed what his company can do for artists. Especially telling was the following quote from Price:

    “Every single month I’m looking at thousands upon thousands of artists, some generating just $100,” he says, “but many generating $20,000, $30,000. And that’s not an anomaly anymore.”

    You can head over to the NPR site to listen to the entire feature.