Now Nicolas Cage Is Not In ‘The Expendables 3’

    A lot of folks recently reported that a certain unhinged movie star was going to be joining a massive film franchise known for sucking actors and actresses into its grasp willy-nilly. No — this isn’t a story about Mel Gibson signing on for a role in Ocean’s 14 — it’s about Nicolas Cage. 

    The guy who’s won an Oscar, earned acclaim and then spent the past decade making bizarre (but sometimes inspired) acting choices had his name thrown around all over the internet this week. It was reported that Sylvester Stallone had convinced Cage to join the cast of The Expendables 3, which is completely understandable. After all — that series is growing faster than the deficit, so no actor is safe from speculation. 

    Unfortunately, Vulture now says this isn’t the case. Stallone has assured the media and the internet that while he isn’t ruling Cage out for a role, he doesn’t know anything about the story. 

    If you’ve seen Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, you know that Cage can be wacky and surreal, but for a reason. This zaniness is essential to a dull action franchise, so it would be good for everyone involved if Cage came to his senses and hopped onboard.