Nothing Says ‘Working Class Hero’ Like A $60 John Lennon T-Shirt

    Poor John. Not only are some truly terrible people co-opting his signature round glasses swag, but now Canada is selling shirts with his face on them for almost twice the working class’s weekly grocery bill. The graphic t-shirts, designed by irony jackpots English Laundry, will be lining the shelves and online warehouses of The Bay department stores in coming months.

    If you’re the type of person who would proudly wear the words “Working Class Hero” on your body after spending a cool $60 on a couple square feet of fabric, I guess The Bay finally has you covered. The shirt even comes pre-distressed and packaged in a “vintage-look” vinyl sleeve in case you wanted to further throw up on everything that was good about the 20th century. Me, I’m going to go hole up with my copy of Yellow Submarine and try to remember a time before capitalism chewed up everything I once held dear. [Aux]