Normal People: Vivian Girls, like, take it back

    The Vivian Girls have apologized on their blog for the kerfuffle they caused when they dissed "normal people" in an uncensored video interview earlier this week.


    In Friday’s blogpost Kickball Katy apologized on behalf of the band, explaining "We are definitely young and definitely have a stupid sense of humor, we were not being serious in those videos. We were just goofing around, and we are going to be more careful in future interviews."


    In her original response to the backlash, which has since been deleted from the blog, Katy wrote "If we offended you in any way, shape or form, we apologize. Those videos were edited to be as controversial as possible, but that is no excuse for coming off as so ignorant."


    The video, which did the rounds on Wednesday, polarized viewers into pro- and anti-Vivian Girl camps, with one commenter describing it as "more annoying, and bratty than a Kanye West quote." But Kickball Katy maintains she and the girls were just being sarcastic. "I’m sorry! We were being really sarcastic in those videos…the phrase "normal people" is just ridiculous, we love applebee’s, and I have also taken a few yoga classes in my day."  [Stereogum]