Mountain Goats, Magnetic Fields to headline Noise Pop

    Noise Pop, the annual San Francisco festival will celebrate its 16th installment with The Magnetic Fields and The Mountain Goats.[more:] Both bands feature morose lyrics and a nearly endless catalogue of songs. The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle seems to release a new album every six months and Magnetic Field Stephin Merritt released 69 Love Songs.
    For those Noise Pop fans who are looking for slightly harder fare, Cursive and The Gutter Twins were also booked to flesh out the headlining bands. Of course, there are many other bands yet to be announced and like her bigger and considerably more intense cousin CMJ, Noise Pop will feature extensive panel discussions where hungover people ask bad questions to “industry insiders” who are only slightly, only slightly less hungover than the burnouts in the audience. But between now and SXSW 2008, just where are you going to find that kind of hilarity? [Noise Pop 2008]