NOFX’s Fat Mike Did Not Jeopardize Your Health With Urine At SXSW (Allegedly)

    Perhaps the most controversial showcase at this year’s South By Southwest was that of Fat Wreck Chords, a punk label owned and operated by NOFX frontman Fat Mike. Though his band didn’t perform, Fat Mike appeared as his alter-ego, the drug-snorting Cokie the Clown.


    For those of us curious or stupid enough to attend Cokie’s hour-long set, we were frightened, amused and disgusted. The show began with Fat Mike in full-clown garb passing out tequila shots to fans near the front of the stage before regaling us with stories of his time in NOFX’s 20-year history. His tales ranged from ignoring a rape at a Vandals show, euthanizing his mother, milking a pregnant young fan backstage and two occasions of him drinking the urine of prostitutes.


    Right before Fat Mike left the stage and the crowd was pretty nauseous already, he showed the crowd of a video of him urinating in a tequila bottle before walking out on stage to the very performance we were at. He then distributed the piss-tainted liquor to fans.


    Fat Mike has since been banned from Emo’s Austin where he performed, raised the eyebrows of numerous Austin newspapers with health concerns, and left those who ingested his urine very uncomfortable for the last two months (thankfully, I was too far back to be tempted by the tequila).


    But, two months later, Fat Mike released a video on YouTube that shows him switching out the tequila bottle for another one before serving it to his fans. Yes, he’s not quite as punk as he was before, but then can you really trust this guy at all? How do we know there’s not piss in the other bottle? Well, here’s the NSFW video. Enjoy it if you’re into that sort of thing.


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