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Noel Gallagher lashes out at Bono, Yorke

Via: NME
Noel Gallagher doesn't want to hear about politics, he just wants to hear the hits. In an interview with the NME, Gallagher offered up his thoughts on bands that take up political causes and speak out about them in their music or at concerts. Specifically, Gallagher singled out Bono and Thom Yorke.
"Play 'One', shut the fuck up about Africa," was Gallagher's message for Bono, who has famously devoted much of his time to AIDS and debt relief issues on the continent. As for Yorke, Gallagher had the following words of wisdom to impart:
"Thom Yorke sat a piano singing, 'This is fucked up' for half-an-hour. We all know that Mr Yorke.
"Who wants to sing the news? No matter how much you sit there twiddling, going, 'We're all doomed,' at the end of the day people will always want to hear you play 'Creep'. Get over it."
It's nice to see that the years aren't making Noel any less of a prick. Fee free to offer up some comments on Gallagher's little rant below.
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Noel Gallagher

this douche should meet a large bus, head-on.


Well, this explains why he's such a washed up hack...all he cares about are hits. Yet, ironically, those stopped coming a long time ago.


I propose a cage match: Noel Gallagher vs. Kele Okerke! It will be the dumbest spectacle of the year but a spectacle nonetheless. Both bands make crap for music now so maybe they need the cash. I'm assuming it will start like a Jr. High Debate Team type of thing, then degrade into each other swearing a lot and calling each other names and then eventually get into the main event: a physical battle to the death. May the biggest mouth with the least to say win!

Josh H.

he brings up an interesting point though. on one hand ... but on the other hand ... blah blah blah. sweet death!


This clown should shut his mouth. Not that anybody can understand his slurred Brit accent anyway.

John Zeiss

I agree with you guys, he is a douche, but Bono just might be a bigger one.


He seems like a douche and says some ridiculous things, but I can't help but love Noel Gallagher. There has to be a token guy like him somewhere. On the Bono note, last time I saw Badly Drawn Boy, Damon talked about how at a U2 show once, Bono said, "every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies," and that an audience member had said, "stop clapping, then." Silly Bono.


Thom Yorke > Noel Gallagher + Bono

Dave Park

i love noel.

Mike Krolak

This guy really needs to take his head out of his ass. At least Bono and Thom Yorke are bringing worthy causes to the attention of the masses. This coming from a guy who fronts a band that blatantly rips off The Beatles and who is nothing but a washed up prima donna to boot. So, Noel please bugger off!


i cant believe anybody can slag off noel gallagher. He says what most people want to say but dare not to. oasis have made and still make brilliant music and they dont make the music fot the money, they make music because they love music and for the fans who realise just how brilliant they are. Noel may just be the best song writer there has ever been, and it will take somebody special to beat him at this. he is a loud mouth and degrades other bands because he and oasis are far better than anybody else. in the 90's there was blur, and they were good they made good music but oasis beat them by a mile. When anybody "slags" oasis or anyother band fot that matter, think, can i make better music than this man who won outstanding songwriter and band that won outstanding contribution to music.


he's right, i love radiohead, but leave radiohead for music and cnn for news, i want my political commentary from stehpnolopolis not thom yorke


Radiohead :>), and I may not be a big U2 fan, but they are the most prolific band on the planet. Anyhow, these two bands bring the songs, while Liam just brings his big fat mouth. There is nothing wrong with a band being a little political. these are turbulent times we live in, besides music reaches far more people than CNN..Sad, but true.

John Miner

My brother loves Oasis' music. Me? I have never liked it and now it is even worse, I do not like his singer. He just chose the wrong path to get some media attention. If he is such a good music as he claims, then he should stop talking rubbish and get to work on his own thing.Bono and U2 rule because they make good music and they are human beings who care about other human beings. God bless him!

Ethel Zuniga

Thank god Noel is around to tell it like it is. If I was famous I wouldn'''t have the balls to say that. He doesn'''t care about being politically correct. As he says ''"I'''ve never lied in an interview to anyone. If you ask me a question and you don'''t like the answer, then don'''t ask me any f@cking questions.''"Noel: The ManBono: Pompous Douche


Noel is right. I don't want to feel like shit when I listen to music - I want to escape it all.


Slurred Brit accent?he's from manchester you ignorant Yank! Maybe if your lot werent out bombing people so you could get cheap oil to drive ur fat asses everywhere in ur pick ups ud have time to learn about places outside of the good ol US. Noel Gallagher has written some of the greatest songs of all time. Bono is a great front man and part of one of the best bands ever but he could talk a glass eye to sleep. I respect the fact that Noel stands by what he says and doesnt just jump on whatever band wagon is goin round at the time just because bono and bob geldof decide its time for a concert, doesnt mean all the acts in the world should stand to attention.i agree with nancy, music is about taking you out of your normal everyday humdrum and making you feel great no matter what shit is goin on around you. Thom Yorke is a moaning google-eyed **** wit. Radiohead have done nothing good since ok computer and even that is over rated.


As usual, Noel is complete TOOL!! It's nice to at least see a few rock superstars care more about money and screwing groupies. Hey Noel, compare each singer's legacy to whatever yours is: Bono has fronted a band that has managed to stay on top through two and a half decades of changing sounds and tastes. The greatest bands of all time (Beatles, Stones, Who, Zeppelin, Floyd) could not keep their original lineups intact and make quality music together for 25+ years.Thom Yorke: Either you get Radiohead or you don't. I didn't get them until the last few years and they have become my favorite band. (It didn't help that my local alternative radio station only played "Creep" for a decade). I would consider Radiohead the closest group to Pink Floyd around today. How many other bands fill up stadiums with no commercial airplay?Noel and Liam Gallagher's Legacy: Take melodies from the 'Rubber Soul' era Beatles and change the lyrics. Then drunkily sing them for a crap 40 minute show and brag about how you pissed off your entire audience.


I love Noel. He is right, shut up and play...

Christopher V.M.

what a bunch of tossers you lot are!

noel gallagher

Noel I like you more than Bono.

Daba (#1. The Best!)

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

Well every thing he is saying is true, at the end of the day, Bono is just a singer, thats it nothing else. he should STFU about aids and what not and just write songs, like Noel said if i wanted to hear the news i would watch it on the tv or read it in the news papers, not listen to it through my MP3.

Truth Hurts

if you watch/read more of noel's interviews, you realize he's actually a very cool person who just happens to be brutally honest. he doesn't seem to care at all about the media or his


Dear Truth Hearts, et al.,

Why is Bono just a singer? I suppose that you are just an ass who writes inane messages on websites because that is the only way I know you. I agree that Bono is an egomaniac douche but he gives a sh*t ton more money than you do to Africa and at the very least raises awareness about it. On the bad side his band continues to make music.

Also I read someone on here write that Oasis makes albums solely for the love of music. Ha!

The point is, if anyone should shut up it should be Noel Gallagher. If you are a business man selling a product then there is nothing wrong with wanting to make money. Unfortunately, Gallagher is a musician and as he says himself, musicians should 'shut the f**k up' and play music. Gallagher ignores his own advice however and lashes out at Bono and Yorke to make more money. I will explain. Gallagher attacks Bono and Yorke because they are currently much more successful than him and by calling them names like a ten year old schoolboy, Gallagher is able to draw attention to his band that desperately wants to remain relevant. An effective tactic from an artless songwriter who has shown nothing if not a knack for business.

I'd also like to point out that he's failed in the business area too. He has far less money than Jay-Z, P Diddy, and U2 (acts that started around the same time as him) and his record sales pale in comparison to everyone from the Backstreet Boys to Britney Spears.

Oh well, guess he should stick with what he knows best, being a man captured perpetually in teen angst; desiring always to be as successful as his heroes and ignoring everything that made them that way except image.

Sorry for the essay

Love, The Truth

Truth Sets You Free

Bono sucks Cock. Who the Feck is Thom Yorke? Oh... Creep... LOL!


HA HA typical noel gallagher
after losing the majority of his brain cells during the 1990s - has decided that because he is now wealthy he feels that people should shut up about AFRICA!! self involved egotist,his music is bland and repetitive.


I love both Radiohead and Oasis, but what Noel said was ridiculous. I can not appreciate this type of anti-intellectualism.


I hate Radiohead. They suck. Good one, Noel.


bono is a lame ass POS washed up artist get over yourself, you will always be #2 you piece of sh`it


Love Radiohead. f**k Oasis and U2.


Noel Gallagher is probably the best rock and roll song writer of our time so watch ur tongue. The hits never stopped america media decided britney and fall out boy would be what they player. Hip hop just keeps remaking past melodies. Radiohead is sick but that song sucks, give up the techno and go back to what made u good, pablo honey and the bens oh yeah Ok computer was crazy too. Noel's got a big mouth but also a big library of music to back it up. Bono, well he gives up his time to help others nothing wrong with that, Noel, maybe ur just lazy, dont bash people who do some good in the world, average life in africa 20- 22, the fact is, that the west is largely responsible for how africa is, and should do something to help.


I don't really give a f**k about what you have to say but one day when that bus hits you I'll be at a piano singing:

"this is what you'll get... when you messsss with ussss"

Thom Yorke

This is wasting time. Noel just gave his answers and just be honest. Don't blame him but also blame the interviewer! Bono could do whatever his ass wants. He has a good intention, and i love his music! But i also love Oasis and their style. I don't have any talent in writing music like Noel, so just STFU. Noel has the same right like us to give an opinion!


I just love it! How funny.. you should knowit's only second degree, anyway there's still some truth in it. A big Radiohead fan speaking, and I I think nobody should escape criticism and/or mockery. Maybe he's a prick (ok, he's a prick), but as you sure all know, it's firstly provocation, and, most of all, funny as hell!


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