Noel Gallagher Would Rather Work With Damon Albarn Than Radiohead

    I know it and you know it: Noel Gallagher likes to run his mouth. But this time, his comments were actually kind of useful. Hooray! Anyway, he told NME that if he would rather work on a new record than Damon Albarn than Radiohead. Why? Because Albarn is “as mad as a box of frogs.”

    Gallagher also seems very interested at the prospect of linking with some of the Blur/Gorillaz frontman’s hip-hop connections. That, he said, “would be fucking mental.” As for his final comment on working with Albarn over Thom Yorke and company: “It would be a better record.” Does anyone agree with that? Or does anyone even care? Read the full piece at NME.