Noel Gallagher tells fans not to expect anything from US tour

    Noel Gallagher, set to embark on a North American tour with Oasis on December 3, has told his fans not to bother coming if they expect anything from the live show.


     "Don’t come and see us if you’re expecting anything." He said in an interview with Rolling Stone. "I can’t offer anything apart from the music that’s coming out of the speakers."


    He asserted that Oasis are now in the same league as the Rolling Stones and that fans should apply the same criteria for deciding to see Oasis live as they do the Rolling Stones. "Everybody’s heard of the Stones, everybody knows what they sound like, everybody knows what they do. You either go because you like it or you don’t. It’s easy."


     At the same time, Gallagher assured fans that, while he can’t speak for Oasis live performance as a whole, he, personally, will not disappoint. "I am fucking brilliant every night I go out there. I could give a fuck about anybody else in the band. They look after themselves. But I am always cooking on a solid eight-and-a-half out of 10."


    In his typically backhanded manner, Gallagher also had a few kind words to say about Ryan Adams, who will be touring with Oasis. "I got a lot of respect for the man. He’s a great guitar player. He’s a little eccentric. He wears stripy socks and platform shoes, but not everybody’s perfect. I wouldn’t be on tour with him if I didn’t like him." [Rolling Stone]