Noel Gallagher Mocks Brother Liam And Beady Eye

    In the never-ending battle between the Gallagher brothers of Oasis, Noel has struck the latest blow. Speaking on XFM, Noel said that Beady Eye (which includes the other members of Oasis, including brother Liam) had to re-record the track and send it to him first and that he toyed with the organizers for a while before he agreed to let them use it.

    When asked about Beady Eye’s rendition of “Wonderwall” Noel said: “They had to re-record it and then send it to me. I did play a bit of cat and mouse with them for a few days – I took it until Friday night at 10 o’clock before I said yes and they were shitting it.”

    He continued: “Not Beady Eye, the organizers. Because I had to say yeah and I was like ‘Meh, it’s alright, I’m not sure with this new string arrangement’ and they were like, ‘Fuck! The gig’s on Sunday,’ so I was like ‘OK, alright, you can have it then’.”

    If that wasn’t enough, Noel mocked the outfit at an acoustic gig in London, calling them “Stratford’s finest Oasis tribute band.” The more things change, the more they remain the same between the battling brothers.