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Noel Gallagher likes M. Ward

Via: Merge Blog
Someone at Merge Records happened to come across an interview with Noel Gallagher in Exclaim Magazine, where he heaps praise upon M. Ward. I find it amazing that even when he's being kind, Gallagher still manages to come across as a total douche.
Exclaim: What are your current fixations?
Noel: Well I'''m really into the Kasabian album, but I'''ve just got an album in New York by a guy called M. Ward, it'''s called Post-War. Fookin''' hell man. I'''ve never heard this guy before, and I was doing a photo shoot, as us rock stars generally do, and some guy was playing it in the background. I was like, ''"What'''s that fookin''' music?''" And he'''s like, [adopts American accent] ''"Dude, it'''s M. Ward.''" One of the best albums I'''ve ever heard actually.
You can read the rest of the interview here. There's even some audio.
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M. Ward

This is strange. I'm more comortable when he's hating.

Dave Park

Noel Gallagher =


Love. Yes, love.


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