Noel Gallagher Says Playing Solo Is Harder Than Being In Oasis

    Noel Gallagher has been discussing his transition from being the lead guitarist in a band to being the lead singer, and apparently he’s found it a lot harder than he thought.

    Manchester’s finest told NME that, “This is a lot harder work than Oasis was, this is very hard on the brain, Oasis was hard on the soul. This is hard, you’ve got to be on it every night. When I was in Oasis, I’d shuffle on hungover, having been up late, by the time we got to my bits in the set I’d be very warmed up, but now I’ve got to be on it from the start.”

    Gallagher also revealed that he doesn’t really think about the differences between his new act and his old outfit too much, which isn’t too much of a surprise.

    I suppose one added bonus is that he doesn’t have to constantly be at war with his angrier younger sibling.