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Noel Gallagher interview

Here's a really interesting, entertaining interview of Noel Gallagher. Maybe it's because he didn't have the heart to be rude to Michael Parkinson, but Noel is surprisingly charming (for a Gallagher) and forthcoming while talking about his childhood and former drug problems.
Part 1:

Part 2:
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Noel Gallagher

Great find, Justin. I really enjoyed this for some reason. Noel seems very genuine, I guess, and it puts Oasis' history into a more positive perspective. Less flash-in-the-'90s-pan.


I've always kind of liked him. He also comes across really well in Live Forever, which is a great movie.

Matthew Gasteier

Yeah, not to join in on the love parade but he seems pretty cool in the interview.

Dave Park

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