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Noel Gallagher insults Radiohead's recent albums, praises live shows, kinda

At this point, it would be impossible to list all the insults Noel Gallagher has dished out over the last few years. Just read Prefix's Noel Gallagher and Oasis archives in case you've missed them. In sum, Noel Gallagher is at it again, this time with Radiohead drawing his ire. First, he criticized Oasis Radiohead business model">Radiohead's business model, then brother Radiohead coldplay fans">Liam insulted Radiohead's fans. Now, Noel has hit Radiohead where it hurts the most: their music:

"The biggest criticism that the music press have against us [Oasis] is that we're not Radiohead," Gallagher said.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, they've been making the same record since 'Kid A', have they not?"

That's a pretty good zinger, an one based at least partially on the truth. Nonetheless, Noel still admits he likes the band's live shows, but still managed to throw in another jab in the process:

"I like them. Every time I see them live they blow me away, but you know, it's kind of [like] we make very accessible rock and roll music and they constantly make difficult electronic records."

There's a distinct chance that Noel Gallagher could be remembered as the George Bernard Shaw of his generation. Would that make Thom Yorke Oscar Wilde? Puh-leeze.



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Noel Gallagher

Oasis, in essence, has made one album. His statement is ironic. Oasis manages to make some of the most boring rock in the music world today.

Hail to the Thief is much different than KID A. In Rainbows is quite different as well. I would say OK Computer is more similar to KID A than those 2.

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Who is noel gallagher to criticize because he's light years away from being in the same league as radiohead. Perhaps he's just jealous that he cant be that creative. I mean really, there is not a lot of imagination going around there


Why is it that Oasis try slamming Radiohead at every oppurtunity they get.On the other hand Radiohead have never given a damn to them.
This is evident even in their musical styles.Radiohead never bother about their detractors , fans or past records.They just work,experiment & come up with something new, trendy& astonishing,in the process setting trails for bands like Coldplay, Muse & other such clones.

While Oasis continues to make the same stale , ridiculous & meaningless music they have been making since they came on the 'music' err Noise scene.


I know Noel, and he really likes Radiohead. He's also learned that 'slamming' on them gets Oasis all sorts of attention.



Gallagher has always been and always will be the most bitter and jaded musician in the industry (despite maybe Kanye). Oasis has had ONE album worthy of note(What's the Story...), and ONE song (Wonderwall) that's been on the playlist of every high school kid first falling in love. Noel has no right to criticize a band such as Radiohead who have always made great music and with In Rainbows took music and the art behind it where it had never been before, not to mention shaking up a stagnate music industry with a selling tactic that was both ingenious and revolutionary.
Oasis and Gallagher are still stuck back in the music of the 90's and don't know how to get out of that, so they're bitter that bands like Radiohead have only gotten better and know how to adapt. Oasis' last album hasn't sold a single copy since its release months ago at the store I work at, while In Rainbows sold out three times in the first few weeks of its release. Grow up, Oasis, or maybe just give up. No one cares about you or your bloated, undeserved egos anymore.


"Correct me if im wrong but haven't radiohead been making the same album since Kid A"...

Correct me if im wrong but haven't Oasis been making the same album since Revolver?? for f*$k sake Noel left himself wide open for that's been forty years guys..


Radiohead have got way more #1 hits than Oasis and Radiohead are more famous. Noel Gallagher's opinion is a personal affront on me.

f--k indie kids

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