Noel Gallagher humbled

    It’s strange that over the years no one has ever considered an Operation: Humble Noel. If ever one man was in need of humbling, more than Kanye, it’s Mr Gallagher. Yet no one has ever tried, probably because they suspect such an operation would be doomed to ultimate failure. But such suspicions were proved unfounded when, following Oasis’ Los Angeles show last week, Noel met with a couple of his heroes and was well and truly humbled.


    Prior to the gig, he wrote on his blog," They reckon Morrissey’s on the guest list tonight! Really? I’ll believe it when I see him. An Oasis concert doesn’t sound like the natural environment where one would see a Morrissey."


    Despite Noel’s scepticism Mozza did indeed put in an appearance, and even went backstage for a little chat. Noel, a long-time Smiths fan, writes, "Well, well, well. He turned up! Morrissey was actually in our actual dressing room. Being very funny. He asked me did I have any "new moves"!! Genius."


    Morrissey wasn’t Noel’s only idol to pop by the dressing room in L.A.  Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols also dropped in, leaving a humbled Noel to write,

    "Can’t tell you what a buzz it is to have 2 of the people who are absolutely responsible for you making music in the room. I love meeting my heroes. They’re all top, top geezers." Wonders will never cease.  [NME]