Mike Myers Wrote A Script For ‘Wayne’s World 3’? No Way! (Actually, No Way)

    UPDATE: Unfortunately, Film School Rejects just burst this bubble. The fake story was shopped around to several movie review websites, using EW as their official source; however, nobody from the EW camp was aware they were tied to the story. Wayne’s World 3 could become a reality someday, just not this day.

    Wayne’s World 3? Why not. We’ve reached that point in movie history where every potentially terrible and/or seemingly pointless idea is fair game (and many of them actually make it into production). Of course, depending on who you ask, a third Wayne’s World movie is neither terrible nor pointless, especially since Mike Myers is (supposedly) sitting on a script.

    According to EW (via JoBlo), Myers has the first draft, a story that picks up 20 years later, with Myers and Dana Carvey reprising their roles as Wayne and Garth, respectively. Up to their old shenanigans? Sounds like it. But with a technology twist.

    Wayne and Garth coping with the new era of music, transitioning from access cable to streaming internet (ala YouTube) and Wayne balancing his marriage to Cassandra.

    While very few things are funnier than watching middle-aged men struggle with technological innovations, lets hope the movie doesn’t go too dumb. There’s a fine line between mildly ageist humor and just really sad displays of being old (for example, will “Schwing!” come off as creepy, as voiced by someone the same age as your dad?). Still, Wayne’s World is one of the most beloved movies of a generation, so an update–if nothing else–will remind us that at the end of the day, we’re totally not worthy. [Indiewire]