No One Knows Who Sang The Song From ‘Blue Valentine’



    Movie talk time, y’all: Have you seen Blue Valentine? It is great. And it is sad. You should see it. Let’s take a two-hour break for you to go see it. Go on. 


    Did you like it? It was great, right? You know that song that Ryan Gosling chooses as he and Michelle Williams’ song? It turns out no one knows who actually sang that song, and there is a search underway to find the singer. The song is owned by Numero Group, a label that found the song in a box marked Penny and the Quarters, but they’re not sure if that group existed or actually recorded the song.   


    Now those behind the film are hoping to discover who sang the original recording, which was discovered in a box entitled Penny and the Quarters – the only clue to who created it.


    Ken Shipley, the director of the Chicago-based company Numero Group who own ‘You and Me’, has played the song to many people from the era in which the song is guessed to have come from, the 60s and early 70s, with the hope of discovering its origins, but without success.


    He said: “We have played this recording to over 100 movers and shakers from the time and no one has a clue.”

    So I guess this post is like a missing child post: If you have any information, contact the proper authorities. [Independent]