No More ‘Top Gun 2’ But ‘Top Gun 3D’ Is On The Way

    Sequels, reboots and reimaginings have been coming out of the woodwork in record numbers during the past few years. We’ve seen Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 20 years after the last installment in the series, Prometheus over 30 years after its inspiration, Alien, and now there’s talk of making sequels to Star Wars after almost 30 years have gone by in that franchise. 

    Top Gun, the 1986 fighter pilot action thriller, has been on ice for nearly three decades as well. However, it’s the sort of movie that holds up very well over time, and its luster hasn’t really diminished since it was first released. What’s more, star Tom Cruise seems ready and willing to hop back in the cockpit as Maverick, although his adversaries likely wouldn’t be Russian in any forthcoming sequels. 

    Unfortunately, it looks like we won’t get a chance to find out who might be in the sights of Maverick’s jet. According to IndieWire, plans for Top Gun 2 were scuttled, due in no small part to director Tony Scott’s suicide earlier this year. However, there’s still hope for some Top Gun in theaters sometime next year. The same source reports that the movie has been converted to 3D and could be released in cinemas during 2013.