No Confirmation Of ‘Scream 5’ Yet According To Wes Craven

    You might remember that in 2000, there was a silly parody movie released called Scary Movie. It was a send-up of the recent resurgent crop of slasher films from the ’90s, and it poked fun at a lot of the tropes that had worked their way into the genre. The primary movie from which it drew inspiration was Scream, which is considered to be the gold standard of teen slasher movies during the era. 

    The only problem with Scary Movie is that there was a much better slasher picture parody made shortly before its release — Scream itself. 

    While it’s now held in high regard as a paragon of its genre, Scream should be remembered as much for how it deconstructs horror pictures. It contains a lot of self-awareness, most visibly in Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy), the know-it-all movie expert who explains all of the tropes and conventions of slasher films to the other characters. 

    Since the original’s release in 1995, there have been three sequels. The most recent came last year, when Scream 4 updated the franchise with new teenaged blood while bridging the 11-year gap with appearances by Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette. 

    After its release last year, director Wes Craven seemed ready to make Scream 5. However, according to NME, he recently tweeted that there was no update on the progress of the movie, though he did ask Twitter followers to let him know how badly they were looking forward to another installment in the Scream series.