No Clear Victory For Any Debut At This Week’s Box Office

    Now that summer is officially over, it’s difficult to expect many smashes at the box office. Until the weather cools down even more and people seek refuge in warm movie theaters just to get out of the house, most film debuts will probably find only tepid returns. That was certainly the case over the weekend as no single picture emerged as a clear-cut winner. 

    The top contender for number one appeared to be Dredd 3D, which sought to make moviegoers forget about the poorly received 1995 Sylverster Stallone adaptation of the classic British comic series. Unfortunately, the titular character, played by Star Trek’s Karl Urban, failed to connect with audiences and was able to manage just a paltry $6.3 million while rising no higher than sixth place at the box office. 

    The top spot was actually filled with a three-way tie, which included End of Watch, starring Jake Gyllenhal and focusing on a day in the life of an LAPD officer. House at the End of the Street, a typical teenage horror film featuring Jennifer Lawrence of The Hunger Games, also squeaked into first. Even Clint Eastwood’s The Trouble With The Curve managed to bring in $13 million as well, according to Vulture