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No buyers for world's largest music collection despite $47 million discount

So far the internet's reaction to the failure of Paul Mahwinney to sell his "world's largest record collection" has been along the lines of: "See, no one cares about analog media anymore."


Me, I don't see it that way. First of all, his beginning asking price was $50 million. Are you kidding me? Even at the now "reasonable" asking price of $3 million, he's not getting any takers. You know why? Because for $3 million you can build an amazingly awesome record collection that you won't need a warehouse for and doesn't contain a whole lot of crap. [Nah Right]

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You don't seem to understand the concept of an archive. The point isn't to build an "amazingly awesome record collection" (whatever you may think that means). The point is to preserve irreplaceable recordings. Whether these recordings are "a whole lot of crap" or not is irrelevant. If the last copy of a recording -- or book or film or photograph -- is lost, with it goes a little piece of our culture and history. If we lived in a civilized society, the Library of Congress would have funds available to buy this collection and make some digital version of it available to the public. The war in Iraq costs an estimated 200 million a day, so I think they could probably spring for it.

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