No Age, Deerhoof, Lightning Bolt unite for Obama

    Taking a break from inflicting tinnitus on the world, various members of the noise rock community have launched a website promoting Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. Noise rock fans may only be a tiny percentage of the population, but every vote counts on November 4. With that in mind, drumming tornado Brian Chippendale from Lightning Bolt and Foot Village/Deathbombarc member Brian Miller have launched Noise for Obama.

    The aim of the site is to collect “statements from different noise artists, noise rockers, underground show promoters, DIY label heads, mom and pop record shop owners, and underground music fans about why they are voting for Barack Obama this November.” Accounts from Chippendale, No Age, and Greg Saunier from Deerhoof have been posted on the site, with the latter stating that an Obama presidency “would do more to encourage the real and potential agents of positive change than a McCain presidency.” [Pitchfork]