No Age Confirm New Album Details

    No Age have kept a pretty consistent release schedule going since they started, coming out with mostly EPs and more limited releases until 2008’s excellent full-length Nouns. Now, the Los Angeles duo of Randy Randall and Dean Spunt have some information about album number two.


    Entitled Everything In Between, the album will be released by Sub Pop on Sep. 28. Check the tracklist below.


    Everything In Between tracklist:


    01. Life Prowler

    02. Glitter

    03. Fever Dreaming

    04. Depletion

    05. Common Heat
    06. Skinned

    07. Katerpillar

    08. Valley Hump Crash

    09. Sorts

    10. Dusted

    11. Positive Amputation

    12. Shred And Transcend

    13. Chem Trails