No Age Call Out Kings Of Leon Over T-Shirt Design

    The t-shirts you see here have got LA noise-punk duo No Age frazzled, according to a post dated yesterday on the band’s blog. Pictures of Kings Of Leon t-shirt designs appear under the headline, “wait, what?” And below that, the post reads, “t shirt designs by the kings of originality…looking good.” Basically, No Age is accusing the Kings of biting the way the letters are displayed, in a shape that resembles an L. No Age used this style to write its name on the covers of Weirdo Rippers and Nouns, but switched it up for 2010’s Everything In Between.  As Spin points out, the t-shirt designs for the Kings of Leon do not appear in the band’s online store. Maybe it’s fan-made. I wouldn’t be so quick to call them out though, I’ve seen this design in different cities’ tourist shops for years. [Spin]