NME Names The 150 Best Songs Of The Last 15 Years

    Because their website is now 15 years old, NME has decided to go ahead and make a list of the 150 best songs of the last 15 years. A list of songs from 1996-2011 seems arbitrary, but basically all lists are, so let’s roll, I guess. 

    The bigger problem than the weird time frame is this actual list. Because, youch, is this pretty rough. The Killers hit top five, while the best “rap” song of the last 15 years is “Hey Ya!.” “Empire State of Mind” hits top 15, while Foals get on here, period, somehow. This is like reading a list from an alternate universe where Kasabian matters to someone, anyone.

    Number one is “Paranoid Android,” which we sort of have no problem with. It’s the NME, so Radiohead HAS to be number one, and that’s as good a pick as any. Go to NME to see the whole shebang