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Nirvana's <i>Bleach</i> Gets 20th Anniversary Re-Issue

After Nirvana released Nevermind in 1991, effectively changing the world as we know it, 1.7 million people were impressed with the band's second album that they went out and purchased Nirvana's debut, Bleach, making it a platinum record. What they discovered was that the band had, even before Nevermind, created a near-perfect album of churning punk. Photos in the liner notes showed they played wild live shows, like the previously unreleased performance at the Pine Street Theatre in Portland, Ore. on February 9, 1990 that's been added to the new deluxe re-issue from Sub Pop. The new Bleach also includes an extensive booklet with unreleased photos, but the chance to hear Nirvana when their setlist (full listing below) meant Bleach and some tracks that ended up on Incesticide is the real attraction.


The back cover of Bleach prominently states that the album was recorded for $500, an expression of the DIY ethos that fueled grunge and alternative music and was eventually co-opted and made profitable. Deluxe re-issues, on the other hand, aren't very punk. Fans at the Pine Street Theatre on February 9, 1990 might have thought they'd never need a glossy booklet or a deluxe re-issue to remember that sound, and people at Sub Pop probably never thought there would be any reason to mark Bleach's anniversary, but everybody is twenty years older now. The 20th Anniversary Edition of Bleach comes out November 3, 2009 on Sub Pop and is available as CD or double-LP. To stay true to the original, the first run of the double-LP will be on 180-gram white vinyl.


Bleach: Deluxe Edition


2. Floyd the Barber

3. About a Girl

4. School

5. Love Buzz

6. Paper Cuts

7. Negative Creep

8. Scoff

9. Swap Meet

10. Mr. Moustache

11. Sifting

12. Big Cheese

13. Downer


Live at Pine Street Theatre

1. Intro

2. School

3. Floyd the Barber

4. Dive

5. Love Buzz

6. Spank Thru

7. Molly's Lips

8. Sappy

9. Scoff

10. About a Girl

11. Been a Son

12. Blew

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Thanks for educating everyone in what punk "is."

I'll tell you what punk isn't: Bleach. Even Kurt mused about why the band was into such a seventies sound. He didn't mean seventies punk, he meant sabbath-style hard rock, which is what Bleach is.

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