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Nirvana Live DVD on the Way

Krist Novoselic recently went on the record saying that there are no more unreleased Nirvana songs, but he was quick to bait completist fans with promises of video -- “lots” of it. Already his words ring true: a DVD chronicling Nirvana’s headlining slot at the 1992 Reading Festival is slated for a May 4 release.


The show is notable for a few reasons: First, it was the one in which Kurt came out from backstage in a wheelchair and performed in a hospital robe. (He is edgy in a way that our collective cultural imagination has totally forgotten about.) And it captures the band at the peak of its power/popularity at a festival devoted pretty much exclusively to powerful and popular rock bands. That a three – or four (Pat Smear?) – piece punk rock group could command a crowd of that size is really worth witnessing; given the subsequent blanding of British radio music, it’ll be nice to have an artifact of rawer times. Also, the band covers "More than a Feeling."


I should mention that Youtube may in fact have this whole “video vault” hooha pinned. I just watched an awesome live version of “Scentless Apprentice,” and there's more where that came from. [NME]


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nice that they're finally putting this out.. some of it can be seen on 'the year punk broke', the sonic youth long-form video which still is only available on vhs..

also-- no pat smear on this one, so it is a 3-piece. pat smear joined for the in utero tour..


I'm excited about this. This show also includes that shiver-worthy moment when the entire crowd starts singing Lithium together. Also, their performance of Aneurysm was f-in' amazing.

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