Novoselic digging surround sound on ‘Unplugged’ DVD

    Krist Novoselic recently told NME that he’s really excited about the DVD release of “MTV Unplugged in New York,” in part because he likes the 5.1 surround sound treatment of the complete, unedited version of the set. He likes it so much that he wouldn’t mind re-releasing “In Utero” in 5.1.
    “The new 5.1 sound really opens it up and it gave me a new appreciation for the songs,” he told NME. “You can hear what each instrument is doing. It really invites you in and I’m sure everyone will enjoy it in a new way. I’d really like to re-release ‘In Utero’ in that way at some point.” Indeed, a 5.1 treatment of the Steve Albini-produced (sorry, I mean, recorded) classic could be very aurally pleasing.
    The DVD will be released on November 19 and is packed with some pretty intimate footage, like a jokey version of “Sweet Home Alabama” with The Meat Puppets and between-song banter that MTV never deemed worthy of air. (Hey morons, the beauty is in the details.) There’s also several rehearsal takes such as a full-band performance of “Pennyroyal Tea” (as opposed to Cobain’s solo version, which aired instead), and a 20-minute documentary with band interviews. Merry Christmas to us!