Nirvana DVD coming soon, Love to produce Cobain flick

    Nirvana’s 1993 “MTV Unplugged” taping, a concert remembered equally for its generous number of excellent covers as it is for its intimate and stripped down originals, will be released on DVD on November 20. As always, it’s just in time for the holidays. Like the CD, which was released a year after the concert, the DVD will include “Something in the Way” and “Oh Me,” both of which didn’t appear in the MTV broadcast. The latter was also one of three Meat Puppets songs that Nirvana performed with Chris and Kurt Kirkwood (aka “The Brothers Meat”). Bonus goodies include behind-the-scenes footage and four songs from the soundcheck.
    In other Nirvana news, Courtney Love will executive produce an as-yet untitled drama about the life of her late husband, according to Rolling Stone. The script will be based on Charles Cross’ 2001 biography Heavier Than Heaven, which included accounts from Cobain’s unpublished journals and stories from Cobain’s family and friends.
    And check out here to see Dave Grohl’s recent comments on the good (bad?) old days when he was playing the skins for quarters in his former band instead of strumming an axe in arenas in his current one.