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NIN's Final Show to Get Documentary Treatment



While Trent Reznor might have proclaimed that Nine Inch Nails' 2009 Wave Goodbye tour would be their last, the band's rabid fanbase is keeping the NIN legacy intact. Trent & Co.'s supposedly final show at L.A.'s Wiltern Theater last September will be committed to HD video and 5.1 surround sound thanks to the handiwork of a few fans. According to the project website, "dedicated NIN fans from all over the world (Japan, Mexico, Israel, Greece, England, and the United States) have sent in their private HD footage of the auspicious final show at their personal expense, motivated by the prospect of helping to create a testament to the final show of a band that has meant so much to them." Though no release date has been set, the film, dubbed [after all is said and done], will be available for free online much like an earlier fan-made NIN live show flick, This One Is On Us. [via Pitchfork]

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