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NIN 'Year Zero' album stream

The Nine Inch Nails web site has the full album stream for Year Zero up right now. It's a tough site to navigate, but if you look to the top right there's a link to the listen to the album in its entirety. They do ask you for an email address, but you could always just make one up or put someone's address that you dislike up in there.
Stream NIN: Year Zero
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Nine Inch Nails

um, this is really good.

michael pollock

I hope is a NIN fan.

Mike Krolak

You can't touch NIN and Trent Reznor. He knows the true fans will buy the album even though they can stream it for free. If artists were all as honest as Trent, there wouldnt be a need for record labels. Oh, and this new album? Groundbreaking.


New album = good. Real good. Damned good. Hooking. Brooding. Bombastic. Booyah. I already got it and I'll buy it anyway. That good.

G. Bush

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