Nine Inch Nails Make Their Network TV Debut

    No. Seriously. Nine Inch Nails, in their 25 odd years of existence (subtract one here or there for a hiatus or two), have never performed on network TV. That changed last night when Nine Inch Nails made their network tv debut (a phrase usually reserved for the buzz-band du jour) on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

    The band performed “All Time Low” from their new album, Hesitation Marks. Not a bad grab for the Kimmel show, especially since they had just nabbed Kanye too. 

    In other Nine Inch Nails news that will make many go Huh?: The band had never performed “All the Love In the World” live until a performance on November 5th in San Antonio. The lead track from With Teeth (and a fan favorite) is just as good as you’d hope live. Watch video of that and the Kimmel performance below.

    “All Time Low” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!:

    “All the Love in the World” live in San Antonio, TX: