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Nikki Sixx “pissed off” at Lou Reed

Nikki Sixx is reportedly mad at Lou Reed because the legendary rocker refused to contribute to Sixx’s book, The Heroin Diaries. Sixx claims that Reed should have participated because other rockers, like Slash and Alice Cooper, contributed to the book. Apparently Sixx (the mastermind behind this song) feels he’s on the same plateau as Lou freakin Reed, and is still “pissed off” about it. Lou Reed refused to exit his coffin for comment. (He’s not dead, just undead. Or more to the point, a vampire.) [NY Post]  
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Lou Reed
Nikki Sixx

Reed's right: He should have nothing to do with this ridiculous book or this ridiculous person.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/brandon/216_browser_clut.gif brandon

Reed has nothing the do with this feud, it's all about Sixx's stupidity. Reed'll probably do tai chi to ward the bad vibes away.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Ethan/nirvana-corporate-rock-whoresjpg.jpg EStan

What planet are you dick heads from? Lou Reed is a f**king dead chimpanzee as far as I am concerned, Lou Reed is a has been good for nuthin' piece of dung for not at least recognizing that the book will help so many addicts out there it is RIDICULOUS!! Nikki's book is a good thing in a world of sh*t, Reed is just looking out for himself. On top of that Nikki has way more talent than reed ever did and the icing on the cake is Nikki came back from the dead to do it. You guys are pissed off because Nikki is sticking to all of you f**kheads that want to control what we listen to musically so you can make some kind of f**king political statement. We all know the world is f**ked up but hey Nikki did something about it in his own way so suck on that!!


Can You Say Selective Posting? These guys post what they want to post, I submitted response and it says or said three responses but I do not see it. I see the other Pro Reed Responses but where is mine? I guess this magazine is about censorship!!


Alright, There it is, My Bad!! I retract my last statement!!


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