Nigel Godrich’s Project Ultraísta Detail Self-Titled Debut

    Ultraísta is the name of the new “multimedia trio” of Laura Bettinson, Nigel Godrich and Joey Waronker. Longtime Radiohead producer Godrich and drummer to the indie rock stars Waronker each have an impressive list of producer and studio musician credits to their name, and have both worked on projects with Beck and R.E.M.
    The project is classified as “electronic kraut-pop” and they’ve announced that their self-titled debut effort will have 10 tracks and will see release from Temporary Residence Limited on October 2 in the United States. Check out the track list below as well as a video for “Static Light” and a SoundCloud stream of “Smalltalk”
    Ultraísta track list
    1. Bad Insect
    2. Gold Dayzz
    3. Static Light
    4. Strange Formula
    5. Our Song
    6. Easier
    7. Smalltalk
    8. Party Line
    9. Wash It Over
    10. You’re Out
    Ultraísta – “Static Light”

    Ultraísta – “Smalltalk”