Nicolas Jaar Reveals Why He’ll Never Sign To A Major

    In an interview with The Guardian, Nicolas Jaar has made it perfectly clear why he will never sign to a major label. Check it:

    “I’m never going to sign with a major [label]. Period. [My label] Clown & Sunset is never going to be a subsidiary. Money can be very harmful – more harmful to an artist than praise – and if the money’s going into the work, I think that’s more healthy, for me.”

    That’s not all he talks about in the interview, though. He also gives some insight into his new project, the Prism music box, that will serve as the medium in which music from his Clown & Sunset label will be released. Well, that and vinyl:

    “If you’re a record label, I don’t think a download is enough. As an artist, I’ve given away tracks for free all the time. I can put a track on SoundCloud in a second. Wonderful! I think the other extreme should exist, too. If you’re a record label – and I’m not trying to be elitist, here – you should be making something people can’t make, that’s the point. So it’s precious, like vinyl.”

    Read more at The Guardian. [CoS]