Nicolas Cage Will Star In David Gordon Green’s ‘Joe’

    Nicolas Cage is set to star in the “gritty Southern drama” film Joe from director David Gordon Green (The Pineapple Express).

    The film was announced at the Toronto Film Festival according to The Hollywood Reporter. Joe is based on the novel by Larry Browne with a script adapted by Gary Hawkins, a former professor at Gordon Green’s alma mater, the North Carolina School of the Arts. Hawkins also covered Brown’s career in the award-winning documentary The Rough South of Larry Browne.

    Joe follows an ex-con who becomes a role model to a 15-year-old child from a homeless family. Gordon Green is excited to adapt the novel with Cage in the lead role, calling the titular character “an iconic character of contemporary Southern literature.”

    New production company Worldview Entertainment is financing the film. Worldview CEO Christopher Woodrow looks forward to the production, saying “David and Nic are the perfect team to put this on the big screen, and we look forward to sharing in their success.”