Nicki Minaj Fined For Explicit Lyrics, Sexual Dancing In Jamaica

    So here’s a pretty bizarre/hilarious story for your Tuesday morning. Nicki Minaj performed in Jamaica over the weekend at the Reggae Sumfest 2011. And during her set, she swore numerous times and performed some sexual dance moves. No shit, right? Well, the Jamaican police apparently weren’t ready for what was going down as they handed her a summons for explicit lyrics and sexual dancing. She didn’t have to appear in court for the charges and instead just pleaded guilty and paid the $1,000 fine.


    You know, I could spend one hundred words or so explaining just how absurd this is, but I think I’ll leave it at that. Actually, no, I’ll state the obvious: Did the people in charge of the festival even listen to a Nicki track before asking her to perform? If so, did they only hear the clean versions? Christ.


    [Rap Radar]