Nicki Minaj Claims Mariah Called Her A Bitch Before She Launched Death Threats

    Earlier today, we shared the TMZ video of Nicki Minaj going ape shit on Mariah Carey, threatening that if she had a gun she’d “fucking shoot her.” Well, now miss Minaj is claiming that Carey started the whole ordeal by calling her a “bitch” multiple times.

    According to a source close to the rapper, in the moments before the video began rolling Carey repeatedly berated her until Minaj finally exploded. Apparently the hip-hop starlet is upset because she feels Carey has been wasting everyone’s time by constantly praising herself instead of focusing on critiquing the contestants.

    One source told TMZ, “She keeps bringing up how many records she’s sold, name dropping people she’s worked with, how many tours she’s done, and how many Grammys or awards she’s won…Nicki is tired of it.”

    I would be too, but come on girls, let’s be professional, we’re on national TV. Oh wait, nevermind…keep cat fighting. It’s good for the ratings. [TMZ]