Nicki Minaj Addresses Mariah Carey Feud On Episode 2 Of ‘My Truth’


    Nicki Minaj addressed her confrontation with Mariah Carey on the American Idol panel and shared her feelings towards Barbara Walters in her new mini-series Nicki Minaj: My Truth.

    In the second episode of the series, which aired last night on E!, Minaj expressed that she did not want the footage of the fight to leak and was hurt by Walters “unpredictable” comment on The View. The pop star was also upset that Walters never reached out for her side of the story.

    “Am I not good enough for you to get my side? . . . If I was J. Lo, you woulda called J. Lo’s camp,” Minaj said, referring to previous American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez, “I’m only good enough for you to tell people that I’m unpredictable when you don’t f–king know me!”

    Walters stated on The View last month that she reached out to Minaj but got no response from her camp. The third part of Nicki Minaj: My Truth airs Sunday, November 17 on E!