Nickelback Top Billboard, Michael Buble To Challenge Them Next Week

    In a development that surprises pretty much no one, Nickelback have the number one album in the country right now, after selling 225,000 copies of their latest album, Here and Now. I guess the only consolation is that maybe Michael Buble is going to knock them off the top of the charts next week. That’s right, we’re rooting for Michael Buble. 

    Overall though, it was a good week for sales, as Black Friday propelled a bunch of albums into the 100K range, which isn’t that great, obviously, but it’s a huge success for the current climate of the record business. Drake hit number four, if you’re still rooting for his dominance. Prefix fave Yelawolf also charted, hitting number 25 on the charts. For more breakdown, go here.