Nickelback Singer Responds To Pickle

    We did it this weekend, guys. We helped that pickle beat Nickelback. But that didn’t sit well with the famous soul patch who sings for Nickelback: He took to harassing Coral Anne, the woman who first big-upped that gnarly pickle, on her Facebook. But she put him in his place with firm numbers. The picture of their exchange is to the left, here’s a transcript:


    Chad Kroeger: Your page will be closing in 2 weeks.


    Coral Anne: I still whooped your ass, Chad 🙂


    Chad Kroeger: ha! 20 million albums coral! :p


    Coral Anne: Ha! 1,461,379 fans and counting, Chad! Your ass is still whooped!


    Nice. Now that the pickle is officially more famous, how about we get back to making Epic Beard Man videos? Maybe involving a pickle and Nickelback? [via Perez]