Nickelback Partially Responsible For “Call Me Maybe”

    It’s easy to hate on Nickelback, but you have to admit: they’re great at making money. That’s the takeaway from Business Week’s detailed exposé into the Nickelback juggernaut (hilariously titled “Genius: The Nickelback Story”), which has its tentacles in a lot of places.

    Like, for example, did you know the band is partially responsible for “Call Me Maybe”? The summer hit that you couldn’t help but love was originally released on 604 Records, a label co-owned by Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger. He earns upwards of $9.7 million per year, through his own band (which has sold close to 50 million albums worldwide) and through co-writing other songs, all while straddling a variety of charts. He’s written for Tim McGraw, Santana, and Timbaland, to name a few, and he’s hard at work with his future wife Avril Lavigne on her album.

    As the article puts it, “Chad Kroeger is not just a drunken rock god: He’s a kingmaker.” So hate all you want, but Kroeger and Co. will find a way to put music in your ears and take money out of your wallet. It sounds like some sort of Canadian conspiracy….Read the full rundown here.