Nickelback Have Started Fighting Against Their Haters On Twitter

    This is going to be a rare thing, so don’t get used to it: For once in our lives and theirs, we are thoroughly behind Nickelback in one of their endeavors. Recently, the band has started striking out against people who mention them on Twitter and shit on them. There was a whole series of Tweets earlier this week, and the band has kept up on it. Basically, if you step to Nickelback on Twitter, you better be prepared for a fight.

    There are some really funny ones on there, but here’s a link to a good one. It’s worth heading over to the Nickelback Twitter to read what’s been happening since. There are a bunch of people Tweeting at them saying that they only RT their haters. Which is hilarious to me. But not as hilarious as telling one person who hit them up that she needed to come up with a better insult than “retire.”

    I mean, I enjoy hating on Nickelback as much as any other red blooded human, but part of me loves that they aren’t just letting people barrage them with hate on their Twitter. It’s a fun thing to follow. They even correct people’s English on there. I sort of hope someone turns this idea into a Tumblr. Get on it, Internet! [via DS