Nick Oliveri Quits Kyuss Lives!, Talks Queens Of The Stone Age Departure Too

    In case you were wondering, yes, Nick Oliveri, noted SWAT team enemy, was a part of Kyuss Lives!, the reunited members of Kyuss who were recently sued by Josh Homme. Well, at least Oliveri was until recently. According to this lengthy video interview with Antiquiet, he just quit the band, because he was disappointed that Kyuss Lives! didn’t make space for the members to do their solo stuff live, and instead were just going to do old Kyuss songs. In the interview, Oliveri also talks about being booted from Queens of the Stone Age (he would have kicked himself out too, he said), how Homme felt about Kyuss Lives!, and a bunch of other stuff. It’s pretty enlightening, all things considered. Watch it below, via Spin.