Nick Diamonds And El-P Collaborating As Stepson

    Nick Diamonds, whose real last name is Thorburn, has built up quite the resume over the years. Known most for fronting Islands, he’s also played a crucial role in bands such as the Unicorns, Human Highway, and Reefer. But now, he’s working with an artist you probably would not have expected. Diamonds is apparently collaborating with producer-rapper El-P under the name Stepson and, according to El’s Facebook, we will be hearing some music from them soon.


    What exactly that music will sound like remains up in the air, but we at Prefix certainly have our hopes up considering the good-to-amazing output from these guys. And damn, El, you sure are keeping yourself busy with this project, your follow-up to I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead, beats for other MCs such as Yelawolf, and that full-length with Killer Mike.