Nick Cannon And Eminem Will Maybe Fight Each Other

    Rap “beefs” nowadays are just the silliest. For a while, back in 2009, Eminem and Nick Cannon were fighting about something to do with Mariah Carey and how she is probably crazy, but mostly it was because she and Eminem had albums coming out. For some reason, it’s back. This morning on his radio show, Cannon challenged Em to step into the boxing ring with him — “taking it back to a prize fight,” as he says — to settle the animosity once and for all. Proceeds, of course, will all go to charity.

    There’s a page on Facebook for the event.

    I guess, maybe, someone cares about this (we’re writing about it so probably the joke is on us) and we’re all in for a good chuckle if it actually happens, but my money says that Em is still too famous to fall for this stunt. Probably it’s just another way for Nick Cannon to remind us that he exists.