NFL Bans Gary Glitter’s “Rock And Roll Part 2” From Super Bowl

    Earlier this week, it was believed that glam-rocker/pedophile Gary Glitter would make bank at this year’s Super Bowl. Why? Because the NFL was allegedly planning on playing “Rock and Roll Part 2” during the game, which would result in a fat royalty check for Glitter. But according to the league, none of that is true. In fact, NFL officials came out to say that they have banned the song from the Super Bowl and that it hasn’t been played during a game since 2006. Here’s a direct quote (via ESPN): 

    “No version of that song [‘Rock and Roll Part II’] has been played at the Super Bowl since 2006. We are not playing the song on Sunday and never intended to,” NFL representative Brian McCarthy said. The NFL asked teams not to play the Glitter song in 2006, but stadiums were permitted to use a cover version.

    Apparently a cover version of the song had been used by teams, though McCarthy said that won’t be played this coming Sunday either. [Spinner]