Newt Gingrich Faces Lawsuit For Using “Eye Of The Tiger”

    Aside from being the most cliche and overplayed hype-track since primordial man uttered his first guttural vowel, “Eye of the Tiger” has been a staple in American pop-culture, the anthem of ultimate victory as shown through montage, and the reason for which Republican candidate Newt Gingrich will now be facing a lawsuit.

    As you’ve probably seen in some clips, Newt’s been using the anthem for his personal intro at political events, and Rude Music Inc. , owners of the rights to the track (it was written by the band Survivor), are pushing a lawsuit against his unconsented use of the song. Rude Music claims that Newt’s been using “Eye of the Tiger” to fuel his political agenda without their permission for several years, citing the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2009, 2010 and 2011, as well as the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in 2010 as evidence of the crime. It’s not hard to figure they’re expecting a hefty payout considering the level of audience it was used on.

    Not much else has been released yet, but from here on out, rest assured that you will no longer see Newt Gingrich rallying supporters with the tune. This isn’t the first time Newt’s pissed off musicians; his use of “How You Like Me Now” awhile back didn’t go over well with Heavy.

    What’s most important though is figuring out what song he’ll move on to next. My vote’s on Hulk Hogan’s “Real American” entrance music by Rick Derringer, but who knows. [TMZ]